Speaking Club. ROBOTS.

What Can Robots Do?

—– Clean the House ——— Drive a car ——— Play Board Games —— 🙂 — Deliver Packages ——– Dance ——– Cook! — 🙂

We’re going to talk about Robots today. For other topics please visit Speaking Club section.

Questions for discussion (use the words below):

  1. What will we do when robots learn to do everything for us?
  2. If you could buy any robot, what robot(s) would you buy?
  3. What do you think about the idea of robots taking care of children?
  4. What kind of robot would you like to be invented in the near future? Who will it be designed for?
  5. Do you think we must make robots look like human beings?
  6. What could a rescue robot do? What must it be equipped with?

Words you can use:

Robotics – design, construction, and use of machines (robots) to perform tasks done traditionally by human beings.

Robotic armDriverless car
SensorAutonomous vehicle
MonitorRequire human supervision
DeviceDoing household chores
Robot is designed for…Repetitive tasks
Robot is equipped with…Artificial Intelligence (AI)

And now let’s see how robots can help you to cook your meal!

You can check new words before watching! *If your native language is different from Russian, use Google Translate to check the words you don’t know 🙂

At an affordable price pointпо доступной цене
Efficient wayэффективный способ
Constantly tumblingпостоянно перемешивается
Even searравномерная прожарка
Heated with inductionнагревается при помощи индукционного тока
Robotic kitchenроботизированная кухня
Executive sous-chefсу-шеф
Nutritious mealпитательный обед

Questions about the video:

  1. How long does it take to cook a meal?
  2. How much does a meal cost?
  3. How did they come up with the robotic kitchen idea?
  4. How does the Spyce robotic kitchen work?
  5. How were the recipes developed?
  6. Would you like to try a meal from the Spyce robotic kitchen?


Переведите предложения, используя новые слова урока:

1. Это устройство постоянно ломается. Тебе нужно поменять датчик. 2. Через 20 лет все рестораны будут иметь роботизированные кухни. 3. Если беспилотные автомобили будут продаваться по доступной цене, многие люди захотят их приобрести. 4. Этот робот оснащен монитором, на котором можно прочитать меню. 5. Новое поколение машин работает эффективно и без ошибок. 6. Искусственный интеллект может быть использован во многих устройствах. 7. Над столом находятся две роботизированные руки, которые готовят питательные обеды. 8. Люди становятся одержимы идеей изобрести роботов, которые смогут выполнять всю рутинную работу по дому. 9. Этот робот был сконструирован для помощи спасателям. 10. Что могут делать машины, оснащенные искусственным интеллектом?


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1. This device breaks down constantly. You need to change the sensor. 2. In 20 years, all restaurants will have robotic kitchens. 3. If self-driving cars are sold at an affordable price point, many people will want to buy one. 4. This robot is equipped with a monitor on which you can read the menu. 5. The new generation of machines works efficiently and without errors. 6. Artificial intelligence can be used in many devices. 7. Above the table there are two robotic arms that prepare nutritious meals. 8. People become obsessed with the idea of ​​inventing robots that can do all the chores around the house. 9. This robot was designed to help rescuers. 10. What can machines equipped with artificial intelligence do?

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